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Virus War,
contagiously addictive

A merciless yet hilarious board game where 2 to 8 unfriendly players will compete to survive

Embody one of the Virus creatures in an epic and crazy battle where all the blows are allowed to ensure his survival and win the game. Contaminate one by one your opponents, spread the epidemic, vaccine yourself to survive and sabotage the game of other players. Only the last player or team alive can claim the title of ultimate survivor. No mercy!

Virus War
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Unfriendly Games Edition

Our story: from a travel to a dream

It was during a fortuitous encounter while climbing in the Himalayas in 2018, that 3 travellers, David, Karen and Dorian, became friends.

In June 2019, David dreamed about a board game which aimed to contaminate players with viruses. Respective love for laughter and sharing, and unusual and premonitory dream, have led us to embark on this wonderful adventure that is Virus War. 

the Unfriendly team

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David Carmona

David Carmona

Graphic designer

Karen Nguyen

Karen Nguyen

Creative content

Dorian Selosse

Dorian Selosse


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